Celebrity Lifestyle

Living like a celebrity looks like fun! Here are pictures of some of our favorite celebrity kitchens and bathrooms. Some are pretty extreme but you can get some fabulous ideas that you can easily imitate.

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New products

Introducing: The next generation of the GROHE Rainshower Family

Introducing… The Icon Hand Shower- the next generation of the GROHE Rainshower family. The Icon is the new “it” item which will impress and inspire users by virtue of its smart design and excellent functionality. Full of surprises, joy and creativity the Icon is a whole new way to enjoy water.

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Design ideas

Creating Bathrooms in Spaces Big and Small

Big bathroom ideas fit into spaces large or small. On the one hand, having ample square footage in your bathroom or master bath gives your imagination the space it needs to run wild. More area along the walls, in the center of the room and higher ceilings opens the door wide to include more bathroom accessories, a more prominent bathroom vanity and a bigger, cozier whirlpool or air tub to draw the eye and melt away the stress.

As you take a gander at some of these big ideas , keep in mind that style comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Top Vibia Lighting Fixtures

Vibia lighting is about design and life. Vibia composes its inspired fixtures to meet the lifestyle of its users by allowing endless customization, a wide […]

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4 Celebrity Bathrooms

If you’ve always assumed that the rich and famous have fancy powder rooms, you are only half right. Most notions of a celebrity bathroom involve […]

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