Creating Bathrooms in Spaces Big and Small

Big bathroom ideas fit into spaces large or small. On the one hand, having ample square footage in your bathroom or master bath gives your imagination the space it needs to run wild. More area along the walls, in the center of the room and higher ceilings opens the door wide to include more bathroom accessories, a more prominent bathroom vanity and a bigger, cozier whirlpool or air tub to draw the eye and melt away the stress.

Of course, you don’t have to have a mansion-sized bathroom in order to get a luxury look and feel. Those of us who are endowed with less bathroom space to work with can still make a lavish or sophisticated statement with the area we’ve got. In fact, sometimes less is more. A few tasteful, understated bathroom fixtures and decor can make an even bigger statement than an expansive master spa bath that’s stacked to the ceiling with opulent glitz.

So, as you take a gander at some of these big ideas , keep in mind that style comes in all shapes and sizes.

Marble and Gold Roman Bathroom

Mirrors, gold, and a lavish circular design make this Roman bathroom entirely welcoming. Not only do the columns and golden colors create a setting fit for an emperor, this bathroom also includes a subdued recessed light, which gives the entire space a golden glow.

Black and White Bathroom

There’s nothing traditional about this bathroom, yet it’s a contemporary design dream. Black and white are the two hues to note within this space, and a strategically placed skylight adds a natural gleam to the (already polished) white tiles.

spa style bathroom

This bathroom is easily the size of many smaller apartments. Outfitted with smooth floor and walls, the main focus of this bathroom is the large television placed against the bathroom’s many windows. Functional and contemporary, this bathroom spa style bathroom is all about efficiency.

chocolate brown bathroom

Yellow and gray tiles make a chocolate brown bath and mirror pop. Traditional sconces light up this space in a soft way, while a marble counter top ties the entire bathroom together. This bathroom was made for relaxing in an entirely civilized manner.

regal bathroom

A chandelier, chandelier sconces, and traditional wallpaper make this bathroom regal. While bordering on contemporary with a frameless shower, this bath evokes all the best parts of a traditional setting. There’s nothing that’s not glamorous about this bathroom space.

While these bathrooms are breathtaking, they all have one thing in common: uniformity. Whether you decided upon pink or brown bathroom fixtures, stick with one basic color or design pattern (such as brilliant tiles or simple chandeliers). Any bathroom space can take on a luxurious look with a careful eye, meticulously chosen items, and a firm grasp on those things that turn an ordinary bath into a home spa.


2 thoughts on “Creating Bathrooms in Spaces Big and Small”

  1. Hi, Very interested in your ideas for a bathroom remodel. Floors are fine, vanity countertop sinks, fixtures, mirrors, lighting, all fine but the problem is the bathtub(fiberglass)with sliding glass doors for the shower are too difficult for us to get in and out of. I would like a tile walk-in shower but only have 3 ft depth and 5 ft length. Can it be done? We have an eager contractor but he feels we should go with a glass door again instead of an open walk in tile shower with no door.

    1. Did your contractor give you a reason why?

      Usually tile walk in showers are a bit larger then 3 x 5 but I don’t see a reason why it can’t be done. You can also look into purchasing a regular shower enclosure, we have a large line of them. Many contractors usually suggests that you should have at least one bathtub in your house for a few reason. (One big reason is that a house without a bathtub will sell for significantly less then the cost of a tub & installation.) Do you have another bathroom with a tub? If not then I wouldn’t suggest making a walk in shower.

      If your main concern is that it is difficult to walk in and out of why not look into getting a walk in tub. You can get a Whirlpool Walk in tub or a soaker walk in tub. Don’t for get you can always call us for advice at 1-800-554-3210 no purchase necessary : )

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