These Homes Are Alive with the Sound of Music

Because everyone these days is plugged into an iPod, music is a constant companion for most of us. But how to separate the real musicians from the pop-rock fans? Take a look at their homes; true music enthusiasts will incorporate their passion … Continued

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Space-Savers: Use Every Corner Wisely

One of the most common woes in home design is inadequate size. Many rooms are small or awkwardly laid out, making it difficult and frustrating to furnish said rooms. When decorating an undersized or oddly-shaped room, the most important rule to follow is: … Continued

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Life’s Little Luxuries

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Imagine a day at the spa. Sit back, relax, feel the pampering penetrate deep down to your very bones… Ahhhh. How does that feel? Now imagine that you can have that kind of luxury in your own home. Imagine recreating … Continued

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