Lean, Green Ultra-modern Bathrooms

It’s a brand new year and many of us are turning over a new leaf. For some, this means bathroom renovations. If you’ll be ringing in the new year with an updated bathroom, you’ll want to keep your style, decor and functionality aligned with the times. And that means ultra-modern design, energy-efficient fixtures and minimalistic sensibility. Check out how some of these forward looking bathrooms pull this off with contemporary showers, tubs, sinks and bathroom vanities.

 Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

This bathroom is painted green but it also functions green, too. Yes, that’s a bidet and yes, that’s going to be normal (even fashionable) for North American bathrooms in the 21st century. Why? It’s more sanitary and it’s better for the earth than using toilet paper. Of course, there’s still a roll for guests who aren’t yet comfortable with the European way. The toilet is low flow and low profile, as well. Next, check out the bath tub and shower (did you even notice it tucked into the corner there?). Everything is integrated perfectly in a distinctly modern, artistic composition, from the space-efficient glass shelving to the spare, yet distinguished bathroom vanity with a glass basin sink.

bathroom sink dekking 233463 l Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

This spacious bathroom mixes a natural touch thanks to the hardwood floors with modern, stainless steel accents. The ample double-sink bathroom vanity makes it easy for couples to get ready for the day together. The most modern thing about this bathroom – the fact that there’s hardwood floors in it at all. You better believe that this bathroom is impeccably climate controlled and the wood specially treated to resist degradation caused by the typically humid environment.

fashion glass soap 76806 o Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

Look closely, can you spot the bathroom vanity here? Transparency is quintessentially modern and this bathroom sink and vanity embraces the contemporary concept of crystalline purity.

tilevision Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

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This ultra modern bathroom is lush with high tech luxuries and amenities.  There’s a soothing whirlpool/airtub, a bidet to reduce your carbon footprint, a towel warmer (consuming about as much power as a light bulb) to keep your towels warm and toasty and your bathroom humidity free and to top it all off, a waterproof, flatscreen TV. This could be your new relaxation headquarters.

contemporary bathroom furniture 2 300x224 Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

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High on style and class and low on clutter, this entire room is almost like a work of art. Even the shower is low profile – a hard feat to pull off for something that typically consumes the entire focus of the room. The bathroom vanity manages to afford plenty of surface space while still skewing heavily towards design sensibility.

contemporary bathroom furniture 1 300x224 Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

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The bathroom should be a haven of soothing comfort – not a sterile, white purgatory. That’s why they call them restrooms in fancy establishments. This modern bathroom design reintroduces the concept that you should be at ease in your bathroom by adding a cushy ottoman to give your weary legs a much-needed rest and by incorporating some greenery to give the room a clean, organic atmosphere.

toto neorest bathroom design21 300x180 Lean, Green Ultra modern Bathrooms

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This bathroom looks like a loft living room but functions like a spa master bath suite. Two low profile sinks adorn the simplistic, yet stylish bathroom vanity. The bath tub and shower remain discrete, even in plain view, by melding seamlessly into the decor. The floor to ceiling window invites the outside in, allowing natural sunlight to pour in over this quintessentially modern bathroom.

Interested in achieving this look in your own home? Take a look at some of our modern bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, showers and bath tubs and see what inspires you.

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