4 Sesame Street Bathroom Essentials


Today’s is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. Here we found some cute things from Sesame Street to help you make your bathroom more fun for your kids.

1) It’s safe, it’s durable, it’s… a bathtub liner for babies. An inflatable bathtub liner that surrounds the circumference of the inner walls of a standard bathtub.sesame-street-bathtub-bumper

2) This adorable Elmo faucet cover can be used to cover your sink faucet or your tub filler and will keep your kids busy while you wash them up.

Faucet Cover
Faucet Cover

3) This adorable potty cover well make it fun for them to use the toilet. Pictures of ABC, Big bird an Ernie

Potty Cover
Potty Cover

4) And of course the famous Big Bird tooth brush. I think we all had a tooth brush with a character when we were kids.

Tooth Brush
Tooth Brush

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4 thoughts on “4 Sesame Street Bathroom Essentials”

  1. I absolutely LOVED my big bird tooth brush when i was a kid. This article brings back some fond memories. Who didn’t own a big bird tooth brush when they were a kid?

    1. Hi Debbie, it seems that this product no longer exists. This post was written in 2009. You can Google inflatable bathtubs, you may be able to find something similar. Good luck!

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