Vibia – Inspired Bathroom Lighting

Designers <A href=Vibia was born in 1987 in Barcelona, Spain, a mecca of cultivated design culture, and has since expanded into a global provider of highly artful lighting fixtures.  Vibia lighting blends high tech sensibility with studied ergonomics as well as a distinguished aesthetic taste and style. Backed by twenty teams of dedicated product designers, interior design professionals and other creative team members, every single kitchen or bathroom lighting fixture produced by Vibia is forged by inspiration and innovation.

Vibia calls its design evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, which speaks to its high end quality and intuitive practicality. Vibia has carefully studied the spaces that we inhabit – how we live in these spaces, how lighting and composition affects our moods, our concentration and our ability to relax – and has crafted all their lighting fixtures to be conducive to the way we use our living spaces. Although Vibia has its own distinct style that has made it famous, Vibia also strives to accommodate your individual tastes by allowing you to customize a space with a combination of their highly versatile lighting fixtures, including the:

· Vibia Millenium Series – a warmer reinvention of the fluorescent light

· Vibia Alpha Series – wall lighting which makes an inspired use of polygonal shapes

· Vibia Beta Series – a modern take on wall-mounted lighting

· Vibia Puck Series – ceiling and wall lighting with endless potential for customization

· Vibia Eight Series – a suspended lighting fixture that reimagines the chandelier

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But what really makes Vibia stand out are its revered team of designers. Vibia enlists big names to reinvent the home and office space including Diego Fortunato, Lievor, Altherr, Molina, Oesterlund Design Development(ODD), Oscar & Sergi Devesa, Estudi Blanc, G. Bernal & Associates, Gemma Bernal and Ramon Isern, Jordi Vilardell, Pete Sans, Ramon Bendito, Ramos & Bassols, Robby Cantarutti, Xulca & Alemany and Proli Diffusion Studio. Because of this, Vibia products are not just fixtures in your home – they are pieces of art. Your living room, your bathroom and your kitchen become installation exhibits, providing a bold focal point or a subtle ambiance – whichever strikes your fancy the most.

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