Clear Wall Whirlpool Tub – High Concept Deep Relaxation

am152_alt1The first thing that you’ll notice about the new EAGO whirlpool tubs are the distinctive clear-wall design that add an entirely new dimension to the look and appeal of your bathroom decor. But once you slip into an EAGO whirlpool, you’ll discover that there’s so much more to this eye-catching tub than innovative aesthetics.

EAGO Sanitary Ware Co. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in China. EAGO is one of the fastest growing bathroom products companies in the world and has won numerous awards for its innovative designs, including:eago-companypic

  • Top 10 Ceramic Sanitaryware Company
  • Top 10 Sanitary Ware Company
  • Top 10 Export Company
  • China’s Most Growth Enterprise Company
  • China’s Top 100 Kitchen & Bathroom Companies for Energy-Saving Products
  • 10 Best Sanitary Ware Brands in 2007
  • China Water-Saving Product Certificate
  • Designers Favorite Construction Material Brand

EAGO whirlpool tubs combine function and style with a high tech, ultra modern flair. The Eago whirlpool experience includes:

  • 6 Different Massage Modes – 15 to 22 soothing jets (depending on model) line the tub, massaging you from head-to-toe. There are 4 different levels of jet pressure plus automatic massage programs that cycle gradually between jet pressures or create a pulsating massage effect.
  • Chromotherapy – Match your mood with 7 different LED color schemes.
  • In-line Heater – Make your baths as long and luxurious as you like without the water going cold. In-line heaters are an absolute must in modern whirlpools, as the churning and bubbling of the water quickly dissipates the heat.
  • Digital Stereo Sound – Built-in sound completes the sensual immersion in relaxation by letting you listen to your favorite music safely and conveniently.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Control Panel – Activate any or all of the functions with the simple touch of a button. Backlit display makes it easy to navigate the control panel even when your bathroom is dimmed down to mood lighting.
Eago Clear Wall Whirlpool
Eago Clear Wall Whirlpool

The EAGO whirlpool is also designed to be very low maintenance.  Made from fiberglass-reinforced MaxiLoad high gloss acrylic, EAGO tubs are stronger and more resilient. The surface is extra smooth and scratch resistant, which helps prevent bacterial growth and dirt buildup. You can clean the acrylic surface with any mild bathroom cleanser and a soft cloth.

The PVC piping system completely drains the whirlpool jets and drain after each use, which prevents bacteria, mold and odor buildup and significantly cuts down on how often you need to clean the system. For regular cleaning of the jets and pipes, simply turn the function valve to the water supply function and run either the hot or cold water to flush out the system.

Also, EAGO whirlpools have a built-in ozone disinfection system which keeps your tub bacteria free without using chlorine. Ozone disinfection is safer for the environment and less offensive to the senses making EAGO whirlpools greener and cleaner than other tubs.

Unlike other whirlpool tubs, the EAGO whirlpool also has unique features built-in that prevent it from being run without sufficient water (which damages the pump) and can also be run with very little water (making it suitable for children).


The EAGO Clear Wall Whirlpool Tub AM152 model is perfect for one person, while the EAGO Clear Wall Whirlpool Tub AM156 can comfortably seat two adults. Water cascades into the tub via a custom tub filler fixture that more closely resembles a waterfall than your typical spigot. Two built-in pillows allow you to kick back and relax comfortably for long periods of time while the warm, massaging jets melt away the stress from your day.


Invest in your comfort by treating yourself to a EAGO Clear Wall Whirlpool Tub. Lovely to behold and luxurious to experience, EAGO’s whirlpool tubs give you spa-like relaxation in your very own home.

EAGO is a forward-looking, environmentally friendly company that brings high functioning luxury to your home. Check back for more exciting EAGO products as we add them to our growing collection of affordable luxury bath items.