Your Little Home

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With real estate as expensive as it is, especially in big cities, many families are reverting to smaller homes. There are a lot of challenges facing a family that has to move but one of your sacrifices should not be style. Just because your family is moving to a smaller home does not mean it can’t be a beautiful one.

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The newlywed guide:

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Imagine newlyweds entering their new home together for the first time each wondering what lays ahead. The long anticipated wedding is over and now “real life” begins. The first big challenge is upon them- comfortably unifying their possessions to form a home they both love.

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Profiling Vern Yip

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Vern Yip is designing his way across the America. Recognized on the street, in home improvement centers and in public venues across America, and known as Design Star’s most quotable and popular judge, Vern’s award-winning work continuously shines through with his distinct flair.

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