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With a new baby here we are wondering how Ivanka Trump and her Husband Jared Kushner will childproof their new home. The couple have both owned some incredible homes in the past but none of them are really suited for a child. So they are selling their contemporary Downtown duplex and are moving on.  To where?- we do not know but I have no doubt it will be the equally fabulous childproof version of their old place.

In honor of the new Trump heir and for all of those lucky enough to have a child in their house let’s discuss how to decorate a childproof home.

When you think of a childproof home you probably picture a house with an ExcerSaucer as the dinette table, a swing, a toy box, and a play pen- no frills, no beauty. Well that doesn’t have to be the case. Your house can still be worthy of a spotlight on HGTV, even while it’s childproof. Children should grow up in a tasteful home, why not?


Take this kitchen for example. It’s really beautiful but would not work for anyone with little kids For starters the stone table top & iron chairs would be a real hazard if a kid bumps into them, the  ceramic floors are practical but very hard and the open shelving would be a disaster.

Childproof Kitchen- Seagrass- cottage living

This kitchen on the other hand is just as beautiful but totally childproof. The seats are covered in a soft leather, the breakfront has rounded edges, nothing delicate is within reach and the carpet is sea-grass, a special material that repels moisture and hides everyday dirt.

The key to creating a childproof environment is viewing it through a toddlers eyes. Avoid heartache and stress and be smart with a baby at home. Plan in advance so disasters don’t happen. What causes temptation? The answer to that is mainly anything small, sparkly, delicate and within two feet of the floor. For example: If you are an avid Swarovski collector make sure you have a shelf or display case high off the ground. You don’t have to give away all you’re beautiful crystal figurines just don’t keep them prominently displayed on the coffee table.

Glass Shelf Display

Start by walking around your house and viewing it through the eyes of a drooling, mischievous two year old. You can imagine what would be exciting to them. Sparkly beads hanging off a pillow look really tasty and isn’t an outlet the perfect place to stick your fingers? What about the plush Persian carpet, it’s the perfect place to rest your tired face after a bowl of chocolate pudding. You can steer clear of these situations by being smart and realistic. Don’t expect your little one to keep away from your ornate Limoges box collection because you told him to. Kids have a lot going on in their busy little heads and they forget warnings and instructions quickly.

Childproof House

If you are trying to perk up your house but you have a child at home and are at a loss where to start here are a few tips:

great-wall-colors1: Paint your walls interesting and pretty colors. White always shows sticky hand prints the most so clear away from that. Wall color can brighten up a room so much and it’s easy to repaint any permanent damage that little devil contrived.

2: Beads. Crystal, glass, etc., etc., get it all out of your system with the most decorative and delicate lighting you can find. The great thing about lighting is that its waaay to high for any kid to reach. By the time they are old enough to throw a ball that high they will understand house rules like “no ball in the house!!”. Lighting is also a really good way to add elegance to a space and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

3: Keep everything close to the ground soft, no sharp edges, glass table, and ceramic statues. Use rugs freely and remove or reposition anything that can possibly cause temptation or be dangerous. Glass shelves for displaying collections or curios are both good ideas.

Have fun and good luck!


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  1. Childproofing is lots of fun especially when you have hands on experience. I just put plug stoppers in all my outlets last week and put up a gate at the stairs. I’m constantly picking up little things from the floor before my toddler gets them. Its just so much fun to be one step ahead of their little minds and yes, the decor can still be pretty.

  2. I feel like childproofing is continuous – as the children grow you have to keep changing things – I thought I was ok as long as I kept the dangerous out of their reach until they learned to climb up on chairs!

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