The Only Authentic Flush-Mount Sink

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Mila’s Atelier Series stainless steel sinks are an unforgettable addition the kitchen and bath. The Atelier sinks are the industry’s first and only stainless steel sinks designed to be flush mounted. This dramatic innovation will revolutionize the way sinks were thought of previously.

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SensoWash Starck: A Shower/Toilet Innovation

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Treat yourself to sheer well-being and the pleasures of optimum design everyday with the luxuries of the SensoWash Starck. Like its name infers the SensoWash combines feeling with cleaning, providing a heavenly experience in a new toilet bidet combination. This novel concept was designed by the world renowned Phillipe Starck in conjunction with bathroom manufacturer Duravit.

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Choice: Freedom or binding???

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Freedom of choice is technically a good thing, especially in the design and décor industry where we need the ability to choose our own styles so that our projects will be unique. If every decorator chose from the same few items chances are our clients would be able to do without us all together. The question I’m pondering is: When does that freedom of choice become bonding and restricting?

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Profiling Vern Yip

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Vern Yip is designing his way across the America. Recognized on the street, in home improvement centers and in public venues across America, and known as Design Star’s most quotable and popular judge, Vern’s award-winning work continuously shines through with his distinct flair.

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LIFE BY DESIGN- The Nate Berkus Show

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Energetic, informational, and inspirational viewers will walk away from The Nate Berkus show with lots of helpful design tips, original remodeling ideas and a really good time. Nate’s show covers it all with his contagious enthusiasm that makes your day seem brighter. From inspirational stories to celebrity guests and surprise home makeovers its tons fun to watch Nate doing what he does best- helping people live more beautiful lives.

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Featured: John Stefanon Interior Design

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Combining traditional style with contemporary design is not an easy thing to do, but it is something that comes naturally to Brazilian-born interior designer John Stefanon. Stefanon is well-known throughout the Boston area for his sensible and unique designs. Stefanon’s work is strewn throughout New England from lavish residences to cramped commercial spaces. While all of Stefanon’s interiors are inherently classic, they are also current enough to make his modern contemporaries take note.

In this article we showcase some of John’s work, and a feature video with John describing his work at the FP3 Boston Apartment development.

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Inspiration from HGTV Design Star

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Reality meets design in HGTV’s hit series “Design Star.” HGTV Design Star mixes the panel-style judging of American Idol with the wow-worthy kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room transformations of aspiring interior designers, decorators and creative minds. The grand prize? The winner gets a show of their very own to showcase their unique personality and award-winning design chops. It’s a wildly entertaining way to pick the next design sensation that gives you an inside look into what it takes to be a host on HGTV. From zany projects and challenges to tense and emotional eliminations, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted from a reality competition. We like to tune in for the drama, but it’s also an excellent way to get ideas for your own remodeling, renovation and decorating ideas.

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Vipp Bins – Quality Design That Never Goes Out of Fashion

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Not much has changed about the original design of the iconic Vipp pedal bin since Holger Nielsen made the first bin in his shop for his wife in 1939. That’s because, as Nielsen says himself, “good design never goes out of fashion” and Vipp’s long, enduring run as one of the most recognizable brands and styles for the kitchen and bath is living proof.

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Utilizing Space For Interior Design

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When people think of interior design they often think of the obvious: paint, wallpaper, furniture and the like. Although these are obviously important considerations for interior designers, they are actually the tools of the job rather than the purpose of it. Good interior design shouldn’t just look good, it should actually optimize your living (or working) space. After all, the environment you inhabit can play an enormous part in how you exist within it.

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