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With real estate as expensive as it is, especially in big cities, many families are reverting to smaller homes. There are a lot of challenges facing a family that has to move but one of your sacrifices should not be style. Just because your family is moving to a smaller home does not mean it can’t be a beautiful one. Yes, it will be a test to your decorating abilities but you can do it! Use these tips to get you started and before you know it you little new house will be beautiful and inviting!

As always, with any decorating project, the first step is to plan. In the case of a small house this is extremely important because smaller homes require greater organization. Decide what each room will be used for, who will sleep where, how you can maximize your space and what are your essentials. Think about the lifestyle you lead- do you entertain a lot? Is there any important hobby or job that involves space? etc. Before designating space for the extras figure out what you need for every day living.

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Colors: Once you have all your plans laid out you can begin with the fun part. The first place to start is generally with colors. While lighter colors tend to open up a room you don’t have to only paint white. If you crave profound colors go for it! A very important rule in a small space is to use a uniform color throughout, at most vary within the same color family. A color flow doesn’t chop up the space visually. Contrasting colors make rooms look smaller because they stop the eye. If you want a contrasting color then use it on a back wall where the eye would anyway stop.

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Furniture: Smaller pieces of furniture make a room appear larger. A humongous armoire or bookcase will dwarf your room and make the ceiling seem low. You have to be wary though of a bunch of small pieces. That can make the room look cluttered and messy. Choose your furniture carefully, get good functional pieces and don’t be afraid to splurge on something just because you love it (just make sure you don’t fall in love to much!). Place the largest pieces of furniture first and then work everything else around that.

Lighting: Lighting is where you will have the largest selection and most fun. There are so many options in sizes, materials, color and styles your choices are almost endless. All you have to keep in mind for your small house is that the lighting doesn’t hang to low and that it brightens up the room. Good lighting can make all the difference in a small area.

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Accessories: Here is one area that greatly differs from a large home. In larger houses you have to look out for accessories to fill up spaces. In a small home, while some accessories are fabulous too many will just look messy. Keep your favorite ones, the ones that have the most meaning, and display just those. If you’ve traveled around the world and have something precious from each country create a rotation. Every few weeks alternate your accessories; this will keep your house neat and always interesting.

Have fun decorating your little home!

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