Decorating Your Master Bedroom

A guide to decorating your master bedroom

Decorate with what you love- that’s what you will hear from every Interior Designer when it comes to decorating your master bedroom. Even if you’ve stuck to one design style throughout your home, whether its traditional or eclectic, your bedroom can be different. The master bedroom is the one space in the house that’s exclusively yours. It’s the one room that very few eyes will see. Make it into your personal haven, a serene oasis where the worries of your day melt away. Let it define not only your style but who you are as a person, your inner depth and feelings that no one else sees.

Keeping this in mind there is a basic guideline to follow to guarantee beautiful results:

#1 Pick a theme- your bedroom should culminate everything you love and define, but you don’t want it to end up looking like a flea market. Before you begin planning you bedroom pick a design theme you will loosely follow. Try to keep to that theme as much as possible. Decide what you MUST incorporate into your room and plan the theme around that. You can deviate a little with accessories but the basic décor should follow one style.


Traditional Master Bedroom


#2 Create a plan- Spend some time planning the layout of the bedroom to make sure you can fit everything you need into it. Arrange and rearrange the furniture till your comfortable with the layout and it makes sense.  Ascertain that you have space to store all your clothing, accessories, etc. and that you have closed storage for items that look messy. Organization goes a long way in a rooms comfort.


Jackie Kennedy's Master Bedroom-1962


#3 Choose a color scheme- unless you’re going eclectic your room will probably have a basic color theme. Select a color that calls to you. Make sure it’s not so bland that you will get bored right away and not to bright that you get dizzy.


Modern Master Bedroom


#4 Go leisure shopping- don’t decorate on the dash. Spend time and let yourself have as long as you need to create your perfect room. Let it take on a life of its own. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Whether it takes a month or six it will be worth your while in the long run. Buy and incorporate only what you absolutely love.


Eclectic Master Bedroom


#5 Above all its most important to have a place you will look forward to retiring to every night- if you’ve accomplished that you’ve accomplished your goal!


Cindy Crawford's Master Bedroom

Enjoy the inspirational photos and if you have any of your own send them in!

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