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Imagine newlyweds entering their new home together for the first time each wondering what lays ahead. The long anticipated wedding is over and now “real life” begins. The first big challenge is upon them- comfortably unifying their possessions to form a home they both love.

First home

A few significant tips are important to remember to insure a blissfully blended outcome when his meets hers:

Loosen up– Don’t worry too much yet about the house looking perfect. Mix your cherished possessions and let the house become a home that’s reflects you as a couple and not you yourself. Follow your instincts and incorporate pieces that suit both of your interests and taste.

worn couchRespect each other– Each partner is bringing along items that hold memories and sentimental values. Be wary of trampling feeling. That ripped and shredded recliner, devoid of stuffing and full of stains, may remind him of the grandfather he loved and misses. Insisting he trashes it could cause a hard to remove grudge you’ll definitely regret in the future.

Hot teaGet inspired– Relax on the couch with a hot tea and scrutinize magazines. Visit friends’ homes, browse the web and watch design channels together. Determine what design styles you both appreciate and use the time to bond and get to know each other better. For the good of the relationship involve each other in decisions- don’t forget it’s his/hers home also.

Keep it fun– Remember decorating and setting up a home is enjoyable and doesn’t have to be done in a day. View this as an experience to share what you love. Focus not only on the outcome of the décor but on the bigger picture of starting along a new journey together.

Remember: A new home is like a new relationship, it takes patience, devotion, practice and above all time to become perfect and beautiful.

Newlywed Home

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  1. longtime experianced wife

    Boy you seem to know exactly what being newlywed is all about! What great advice for a long lasting relationship! Your husband is really lucky to have such an open minded wife who can put her own wishes aside and consider her husbands opinions

  2. a newlywed

    Thanks for the advice – but what I’m really stuck on right now is what to make for supper every night!

  3. Everything said here is absolutely brilliant. It’s so necessary to know these smart tips before.

  4. Jeffrey Sako

    My new wife & I really gained from your article. Thank you for the help!

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