Contemporary Vanities That Have Interest

I really like the contemporary style that is so in these days but too often I see people trying to accomplish the look but missing the boat. Contemporary is defined by a clean, streamlined look. That does not translate into boring! This is where people go wrong. Contemporary design should look clean but it can still be interesting and inspiring.

Here are a few examples I found of totally contemporary vanities that are still really interesting:

Forms and Fixtures Kyoto Bathroom Vanity Kyoto Vanity

Fairmont Designs Fairmont Tribeca Vessel Sink Stand Bathroom Vanity

DreamLine Modern Bathroom Glass Vanity

DreamLine Bathroom Vanity

Cole & Co. Cole Custom Collection Clarissa Bathroom Vanity

These 5 vanities are all really contemporary yet you can never miss them in a bathroom- they make a design statement!


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