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Bathroom Organizing (cont.)

The bathroom is where you start and end your day so it’s an important room to keep in good shape. Whether a bathroom is big or small there never seems to be enough storage space. Once you get past the basics; sink, toilet, tub and shower, there is not too much space left.

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A Clutter Free Bathroom Solution

Do you know how bathroom vanities came about? I recently read an interesting article on a popular décor blog which said that bathroom vanities were invented because all the upper class homes were taking beautiful pieces of furniture, such as a dresser or desk, and having carpenters reconstruct them to fit in sinks.

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Design Inspiration

Copycat! How to Duplicate this Beautiful Bathroom

What do you think of this bathroom? I absolutely love it! It’s open, airy, fresh and clean looking. The bathtub looks sumptuous, the vanity is a perfect mix of style and function and the accessories are just right.

Why stress over creating a beautiful bathroom when you can just copy this one?

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3 Vanities to Consider

Storage space is an essential part of every bathroom renovation plan. Whether your bathroom is huge or tiny you need to make sure you’ve planned for adequate storage.

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