Rupert Murdoch’s Home For Sale

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Rupert Murdoch– That’s a name we have been hearing way to often these days. Whether in connection to a pie in the face or the phone hacking scandal, the Australian American global media baron has not been receiving too much positive press recently.  But his sorrow may be someone else’s glee.

Rupert Murdoch-New York-Home

Apparently his magnificent home on the Long Island Sound is now for sale. I have no idea if this has anything to do with his current crisis but I truly enjoyed checking out the home. It is huge and gorgeous while at the same time charming and homey.  Rupert and his wife Wendy have said that they have no time to enjoy the home so they decided to sell it. Check it out- wouldn’t you love to own such a place???

Rupert & Wendy Murdoch’s Long Island Home





Rupert-Wendy-Murdoch-Long Island- Dining-Room

Rupert-Wendy-Murdoch-Long Island-home-office





Rupert Murdoch-Wendi Deng-New York-Home


Mega-Mansion sold!

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  1. Gabriella

    The bathroom is gorgeous!

  2. Will his house become a historical landmark or something?

  3. Wow! I like that master bathroom – really pretty!

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