5 Unusually Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Today you will learn some great bathroom decorating ideas from Alex Levine, an expert in kitchen and bath remodeling…

The bathroom is considered the most regularly used, but often under designed portion of the house. The kitchen is the “meeting” and social area, along with the family den and perhaps the living room. But the bathroom seems to always get the cold shoulder when it comes to the renovation. Well, we have got some cool unique ideas to freshen up the humdrum washroom.

Arteriors Flora Porcelain Boots (1) Plant Pottery – Most bathrooms don’t offer much of a naturalistic feel. So why not add some plants to liven up the space?  But don’t just look for the average plant pot. Consider finding the right plant holder unique to your personality. If you’re a fashionista, try some ivy plants growing on a clothes hanger. If you’re a sports fan, why not use some brass trophies as your plant pot. Or if you’re a fan of rainy days, why not a pair of Porcelain Boots potted plants? You’ll definitely receive some lively comments from house guests simply based on your unique taste! Overall, think about what items would make your bathroom experience more enjoyable. And you get extra points for being super creative!

(2) Old Civilization Design – If you’re a history buff, you might consider ancient civilizations as an influence in your bathroom space. After all, the Egyptians were ahead of their time by introducing new and technologically-advanced sanitary methods. They were known for their exemplary hygienic habits, filling their surroundings with luxurious objects, as well as establishing ritualistic bathing practices. If you’re a fan of ancient time periods and also looking for a throw-back to that era, search for bathroom showpieces with archaic influence, like jewelry boxes, vanities, or basins. Granted, you don’t need to be too extreme and add a sarcophagus as one of your decorative pieces. But always keep an open mind because you may come across that one mysterious item that completely ties together the entire room.

Arteriors Ely Iron Nesting Boxes(3) Storage – Just that term alone, storage, induces yawning while reading. However, storage doesn’t have to be boring topic of discussion when renovating. Find items that make storage more interesting. Hidden storage or lofted storage already starts to get the idea juices flowing. Or you can try purchasing unique storage items such as nesting boxes, which are a great way to add a fun, simple solution to storage in the bathroom. They’re interesting to the eye and add a bit of flair to any bathroom, thusly jazzing up a once boring area of the home.

Arteriors Chen Solid Wood Console(4) Seating – Where does one take a seat in the bathroom? Now that’s quite a novel concept. Why would one need to sit down in the bathroom? Other than the toilet and the bottom of the tub, where else is there to comfortably take a load off? Well, here’s a solution: a wood bench or stool. It doubles as place to put magazines, the coveted bathrobe, or the TV. (Yes, it’s being done. Televisions are now finding their way into the bathroom.) No matter which way you decide to use it, be sure to consider adding a place to rest the caboose in the lavatory, while adding style!

(5) Shelving and Display – Rather than stuff all the after shave and hair mousse into a drawer, why not add a decorative shelf or a display cabinet to neatly showcase your wares?  Finally, there’s a practical and decorative way to demonstrate bathroom items, without making all the perfumes, powders and lotions seem like clutter. You might even decide to build some lighting into the case and really make a show of your display case.

Getting inspired can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome when dealing with a new bathroom rehab project. The best way to break this “rehabber’s block” is to do research. See what’s been done – both good and bad design. Themes are important, too. Choosing a theme that is inviting and comforting is the goal. However, once you’ve make the decision, you’ll be ready to dive into your latest rehab and enjoy the fruits of your labor soon after.

Alex Levin is a writer for Granite Transformations, experts in kitchen and bath remodeling.

Alex Levin

Alex Levin is a writer for Granite Transformations, experts in kitchen and bath remodeling.

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  1. I will actually endorse the idea of taking a seat in bathroom. Why not?? After all, it is such a thought provoking place, you just need to think and spend some lone time… no interruptions, voices, disturbance 🙂 Your ideas are certainly unique..Haha! they are special!

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