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How to Start Decorating Your Home

You can find articles on decorating anything from your kitchen to your maid’s quarters but many people get stuck right where it all begins. They simply don’t know where to start. When you buy a new home or are even doing a large remodel it can become really confusing. Are you supposed to choose paint colors first or carpet? The cabinet finish or the countertops? In this article we are going to help you get started.

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Halloween! Black, White and ORANGE…EEEWWW???

If you’re a décor nut like me you probably cringe every year when Halloween comes around. The kids begin dragging out all the creepy decorations and your once beautiful home now closely resembles a haunted house-HELP! Well today, just for fun, I’ll show you how to use the dreaded Halloween colors and keep your home as mod as ever.

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Bathroom Organizing (cont.)

The bathroom is where you start and end your day so it’s an important room to keep in good shape. Whether a bathroom is big or small there never seems to be enough storage space. Once you get past the basics; sink, toilet, tub and shower, there is not too much space left.

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A Clutter Free Bathroom Solution

Do you know how bathroom vanities came about? I recently read an interesting article on a popular décor blog which said that bathroom vanities were invented because all the upper class homes were taking beautiful pieces of furniture, such as a dresser or desk, and having carpenters reconstruct them to fit in sinks.

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Warming Up for Fall- Tabletop Lamps

I have three beautiful lamps that I keep in my attic and pull out every fall/winter to “warm up” the décor in my home. I love little decorating tricks like that. I have different accessories for every season that are easy to switch up and that set the tone for that time of year.

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Inspiring Kitchen Designs: Beautiful Kitchen Pictures

Unlike previous times the kitchen is now a main focus in the home and it generates an enormous amount of discussion and planning when remodeling or building from scratch. It’s one of the most commonly used spaces so it should come as no surprise that it has become the most attention grabbing room.

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