Give Your Bathroom a Little Lovin’

It’s February again, that cold, short little month that is so often overlooked, discriminated against due to its small size… poor February, only getting attention every four years (“wait… is there a February 29th this year? This whole leap year … Continued

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Leather in the Bathroom

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Leather is HUGE in fashion these days, according to Harper’s Bazaar and other fashion experts. And we all know that fashion trends quickly find their way into home decor trends. While the obvious place for leather is in the living room … Continued

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Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

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What could be more modern than a super-modern bathroom? If you want to completely surpass the realm of modern, consider what will be modern after today – futuristic bathrooms! (This way, you’re a step ahead – when today’s “modern” is … Continued

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