Pump Up Your Kitchen’s Toe Kick

Every kitchen can benefit from extra storage space. Problem is, many kitchens are simply too small to hold all of the “stuff” most cooks – whatever their level of expertise – accumulate. While there are certainly tips and tricks to … Continued

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Create a Perfect Hardworking Mudroom

Ah, summertime. The season of sun, sand and GET THOSE FILTHY FLIP-FLOPS OFF OF MY FLOOR! For many (especially those with children and pets), summer is dirty-house season. Wet bathing suits, sports equipment, muddy footprints (and pawprints), and trails of sand … Continued

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Designing the Tall Person’s Home

Extra height is often coveted. Tall people can reach the top shelves without a step stool, see over crowds at concerts, and make a more formidable impression when necessary. But most average-sized people don’t understand the plight of the tall … Continued

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Make Your Walls Work for You

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Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a bigger-than-necessary home, space is most likely a rare commodity  in your house. You’re probably constantly on the lookout for extra space throughout your home, right? Now, how about if I told you … Continued

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