Go Vintage with an Elegant Antique Vanity

Decades ago, the concept of a bathroom vanity was nonexistent. As bathrooms in general became more and more popular and accepted, people began spending more time in them and expending effort to make them look nice. The Victorian-era upper class were the “inventors” of the modern-day bathroom vanity: they’d take actual furniture (chests, dressers, small tables) and have them specially fitted with sink basins to keep all of the rooms in their homes looking uniform and flowing well.

Over the decades, the vanity has evolved. Today we have modern vanities with sharp lines and edges, traditionally curved vanities, slim and oddly shaped vanities, and even wall-hung vanities for the spatially challenged bathrooms. An antique vanity, reminiscent of the original Victorian vanities, can still be found in classy homes of all decorating styles; a beautiful furniture-like piece will never go out of style (especially now, with antiques and distressed furniture becoming increasingly popular).

Curved legs, furniture style, distressed finishes, hand-painting or carving… these beauties resurrect classic good taste.

James Martin Furniture Marrakesh Single Vanity
Ronbow Antique Carved Vanity
Cole & Co. Designer Collection Davis Vanity
James Martin Furniture Regent Single Vanity
Cole & Co. Designer Collection Chambers Sink Chest
Ronbow Vintage Bordeaux Double Sink Vanity
Cole & Co. Designer Collection Bellavita Vanity
James Martin Furniture Balmoral Single Vanity
Cole & Co. Designer Collection Edwards Bombe Chest
Herbeau Bonne Maman Bathroom Cabinet
Cole & Co. Designer Collection Mallory Sink Chest

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