Urban Edge: Graffiti as Home Decor

It’s a controversial topic with strong feelings on both sides, but it’s undeniable: street art is becoming acceptable home art. Graffiti and graffiti-inspired decor is gaining popularity, and it’s definitely bold, urban, and edgy. Some love the style, declaring that … Continued

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Space-Savers: Use Every Corner Wisely

One of the most common woes in home design is inadequate size. Many rooms are small or awkwardly laid out, making it difficult and frustrating to furnish said rooms. When decorating an undersized or oddly-shaped room, the most important rule to follow is: … Continued

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Mirror, Mirror… Not Just for Walls

For a room that’s the fairest of them all, consider adding mirrors in unconventional places. Mirrored surfaces tend to make a room look larger and lighter, and who doesn’t want that? Think beyond the wall. Mirrored furniture and fixtures are currently … Continued

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Classic Chic: The Clawfoot Tub

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The clawfoot tub is a fixture that has truly withstood the test of time. Case in point: the new and reinvented clawfoot tubs are remarkably similar to their vintage counterparts, proving that the design is virtually timeless. In decades past, … Continued

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The Best Hotel Bathtub Views

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What’s on your summer destination list? (Or your I-wish-I-could-go-there-this-summer list?) Hiking? Beach? Surfing? Snorkeling? Or just hanging out at the pool? Wherever you’re going, regardless of your preferred activity level, your day should include some relaxing. And what better place … Continued

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