Space Saver: The Sliding Door

The power of the interior door is frequently underestimated and underappreciated – until you run into an issue with yours. Sometimes you need an unusual size or shape; maybe you want a statement-making door, or perhaps you’d like it to blend in as much as possible. One big problem when it comes to adding a room or enclosing a space is the door – if you’re dealing with a small room or odd layout, the door swing (how far and wide it opens) can complicate the matter further.

The perfect solution in many cases: a sliding door. Sliding doors maximize space as there’s no door swing at all to contend with.

A sliding pocket door is a popular choice as it disappears when not in use; however, it requires more structural detail and enough space inside the walls. An attractive alternative that also serves as a decor enhancer is the fashionable barn door, a door hung on a sliding rail over the doorway.

Contrary to their name, barn doors are available in sleek, modern styles too. These doors make a stylish statement:

Amba Beyerle Slick II (Flatec V) Wooden Sliding Door Kit (door not included)
Amba Beyerle Skater Wooden Sliding Door Kit (door not included)
Amba Beyerle Tritec Wooden Sliding Door Kit (door not included)
Amba Beyerle Slick 1 (Flatec IV) Glass Sliding Door Kit (door not included)

In the bathroom, especially with a space-challenged layout, a sliding door eliminates the need to consider the distance between the door and the toilet, vanity, tub, or any other fixture.sliding in the bathroom. Sliding doors can be found on vanities and cabinets, showers, and medicine cabinets to conserve space.

Decolav Malena Vanity with Sliding Bridge
Vigo Alessandro Single Bathroom Vanity
WS Bath Collection Concert Floor Cabinet with Sliding Door
Robern Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Sliding Door
WS Bath Collection Linea Pika Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Sliding Door
DreamLine Enigma-X Sliding Shower Door and Base
Foremost Tides Framed Sliding Shower Door

Do you have an interior sliding door? How do you use it to maximize your available space?