Wrought Iron Bathroom Vanities

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PBlack Smitheople are always in awe over the exquisite beauty seen in hand forged wrought iron bathroom vanities. They’re astounded at the blacksmiths capability to take hard, lifeless iron and turn it into warm, beautifully crafted organic shapes that reflect the beauty of nature.

Wrought Iron Black SmithWrought Iron vanities are available in a variety of design styles from rustic to more modern and contemporary designs. When hammered, etched and bent by artisans, wrought iron resembles aged wood which creates a perfect balance of nature, fine lines and exquisite design.

Though the standard techniques of working with iron haven’t changed for more the 200 years, blacksmiths continue to push the envelope with new wrought iron design. Some of the most beautiful wrought iron decor is that of which is forged to replicate the textures and natural look that Mother Nature herself creates. The replications of branches, leaves, fruits and other natural items are so detailed it feels like you took it from nature itself and cast it in iron.

hot-iron-scrollAs artisans, blacksmiths pride themselves on innovative designs and quality craftsmen ship. You’ll be able to see it and feel it in their work giving you a whole new appreciation for quality iron decor.

Here is some of our most high quality, beautiful wrought iron bathroom vanities:

The Engraved Wrought Iron Vessel Sink Stand by DreamLine:

DreamLine Wrought Iron Vesel Sink Stand

The Granada Petite Wrought Iron Pedestal by St. Thomas Creations:

St. Thomas Granada Wrought Iron Bathroom Vanity

The Baroque Wrought Iron Basin Stand by Bates and Bates:

Bates Baroque Wrought Iron Basin Stand

The Wrought Iron Vine Sink Stand by DreamLine:

DreamLine Wrought Iron Vine Sink Stand

The Granada Wrought Iron Bathroom Vanity by St. Thomas:

St. Thomas Granada Wrought Iron Bathroom Vanity

Get inspired to create an oasis in your home with timeless wrought iron…

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10 Responses

  1. Wrought iron art is a hard thing to perfect but beautiful

  2. I brought the dreamline vanity for my powder room. I’m always getting compliments on how pretty & unusual it is.

  3. Being a black smith is tough but the outcome makes it worth the sweat and toil

  4. joe tirone

    my name is joe tirone im a boilermaker l-29 boston ma i was looking for vanitys came across your work really impressed makes me want to try and make my own know. put my skills to work and show wife and kids what daddy has learned being blacksmith myself. maybe coming across your work will change me somehow try something knew sincerly joe tirone

  5. derik the blacksmith

    all the pictures look really good lots of hard work has gone into them i tell you !

  6. derik the blacksmith

    there has been alot of hard work put into all the diffrent items in the pictures

  7. I really like all of these stands other than the last. Granada, vine, basin! Can these be made in stainless steel?
    This is for a beach house and my husband insists even indoor will rust very easy!

    thank you

    • Hi Dayna, wrought iron does tend to rust over time but it takes on an even patina rather than uneven rust spots. These washstands are no longer available, but you can check out these new options instead. Good luck!

  8. terri launhardt

    I am interested in the Granada petite vanity. Please forward dimensions and prices.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately this post is over 5 years old and we no longer carry that particular vanity. Good luck with your search!

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