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Vibia Citrus Pendant VIBIA…See the Difference

Jazz Pendant VIBIA…See the DifferenceAt VIBIA the designers believe that the spaces we live in influence how we feel, relate, relax, concentrate, enjoy ourselves and more. VIBIA’s mission is to make it easier for every individual to identify with the space in which they live and work by supplying the right lighting and rousing the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and architecture and interior design professionals with a unique range of lighting products.

Vibia Break Outdoor Light VIBIA…See the Difference

Vibia Gigantic Floor Lamp VIBIA…See the DifferenceVIBIA evolved by learning and understanding how people live in their spaces. With beautiful lighting, VIBIA provides the design community with a sure way to make the right choice of products, providing individuals with the pleasure of creating their own space. The VIBIA designs are accessible, cheerful and evolutionary rather than revolutionary and are expressed through the practicality, visible material quality and accurate forms of its products.

Vibia 03 Code Floor Lamp VIBIA…See the Difference

Vibia Jazz Table Lamp VIBIA…See the DifferenceTwenty teams of product design and interior design professionals are behind VIBIA products. They all present creativity, freshness and certain mischievousness and are always at the service of VIBIA’s consistency in terms of criteria, values and identity. The design teams are constantly incorporating new technology, processes and materials to make every new product a new challenge, with no limits.

Vibia Outdoor Tree Lamp VIBIA…See the Difference

Vibia Balance Floor Lamp VIBIA…See the DifferenceThe VIBIA strategy is uniquely its own, setting out to constantly stimulate consumers and professionals throughout the world, to create a new experience for them. VIBIA lives for the thrilling challenge of developing top-class products, creating a consistent, global company and being a brand worthy of its international reputation

Vibia Ameba 03 VIBIA…See the Difference

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