A Clutter Free Bathroom Solution


Do you know how bathroom vanities came about? I recently read an interesting article on a popular décor blog which said that bathroom vanities were invented because all the upper class homes were taking beautiful pieces of furniture, such as a dresser or desk, and having carpenters reconstruct them to fit in sinks. This was at the turn of the century when the bathroom was finally becoming an essential part of the home. Manufacturers got wind of this new-fangled idea and the bathroom vanity was born.


Apparently this was a great invention because these days a vanity is considered an indispensable part of any bathroom. In fact, I find that most people spend more time choosing their vanity over any other part of their bathroom. Nowadays though the vanities look very different from what I imagine those original “custom made” vanities looked like. They are available in every shape, size, style and material imaginable.  Vanity styles come and go as fast as any other industry but what I am loving right now is the really streamlined modern look.


Robern’s new line has exactly what I think any vanity should. It’s high-quality, minimalist in style and has incredible storage options (which is really the whole purpose of a bathroom vanity after all). Arresting and functional the Robern bathroom vanities offer numerous options to help keep your bathroom clutter free and organized- and honestly who can’t use a little help in that area?


Electrical-InstallationGlass draw dividers, integral night lights, interior electrical outlets and hair dryer slots are some of the fabulous features I love.

Does you bathroom have enough storage space? Are you like me, constantly rearranging and trying to find a space for everything? My solution? I find a good vanity makes all the difference.


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  1. I really like these designs here. They are very stylish yet so practical and effective. I’m sure any customer who has these is never disappointed.

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