5 Great Decorating and Home Improvement Ideas- How to Warm Up Your Home for Winter


We are on our way to fall and what better excuse can you find to update your home decor? Cozy accessories, seasonal hues and warming details; we’ll give you some great ideas to get a head start on your winter warm-up.

1) Accessories are an easy way to add color and dimension to your home. During the summer months you may depend on light and airy objects to give your home some personality. As the cool weather draws near trade out those shells and bamboo sticks for richer accents that will heat up the room.

2) Close your eyes and imagine yourself stepping out of the shower into the embrace of a fluffy, warm towel. Pure bliss! A towel warmer is one of those luxuries you can never again live without once you’ve tried it.

3) While whirlpools and air tubs have become almost the norm many will argue that nothing is as soothing as the tried and true soaker tub. After a long day of whipping winds and wet, soggy shoes its heavenly to sink into a warm tub and take a good long soak.

4) Wall-mounted lanterns on either side of your entryway door make your home look warm and inviting in the cold winter months. Aside from looks it’s also safe to have outdoor lighting so that visitors don’t slip on ice.

5) A hot water dispenser is not so much decor as practicality. It’s amazingly convenient to have hot water available at any time for all the soothing hot drinks you will be sipping.

Create warmth in your home with these 5 ideas. What ideas do you have to create warmth in your home this Winter?


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  1. Home decor requires quite an imagination.It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.The thing about designing a home is the ability to make the home interiors extraordinary by using relocating or rearranging each and every ordinary object in the home.It requires more than just imagination.It requires a very creative mind too.

  2. Thanks for the info Alizak. Great post. Towel warmers are a great option for bathrooms.

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