Inspiring Kitchen Designs: Beautiful Kitchen Pictures

Today’s post is meant to inspire everyone from Interior Designers to the first-time home buyer. I am featuring 4 beautiful kitchens, each of which has impressed me in a different way. Each kitchen is unique in style but they all have one thing in common- elaborate attention to detail.

Unlike previous times the kitchen is now a main focus in the home and it generates an enormous amount of discussion and planning when remodeling or building from scratch. It’s  one of the most commonly used spaces so it should come as no surprise that it has become the most attention grabbing room.

Here are some incredibly impressive kitchens which besides for being beautiful are also mostly very functional:



This kitchen won the 2009 Kitchen of the Year award from House Beautiful. Designed by Robert Stilin it was created with comfort and real life living in mind. “Function, Function, Function” was the goal and it was accomplished beautifully. You can see the thought that went into making this kitchen functional in many places such as the shelf over the oven range which provides easy access to often used utensils; an idea which can be easily implemented into any kitchen and the high arc kitchen faucet that makes cleaning a sink full of dishes easier and looks really chic. A lamp on a kitchen counter is a bit random and honestly who lights candles in their kitchen? But overall it has an enchanting effect. You can see the full kitchen tour here.


I love this kitchen because you can see the daily use it gets and yet it is still so striking, with so many gorgeous details. The layout is simple and easy to navigate with plenty of counter and cabinet space.The Wolf Dual Fuel Range and the Waterstone gantry faucet are competing for the number one spotlight followed closely by the convenient pot filler and that huge sink. This is truly a cooks heaven, it must be a pleasure cooking in here.



Comforting, charming and classic this traditional kitchen is so welcoming. The unique mix of materials, from the subway tiles to the natural wood countertops and linen covered chairs, gives the space an interesting look while the all neutral color palette keeps it strictly classic.  If you look closely you can see just peek of the beautiful farm sink and ornate kitchen faucet in front of the huge window which provides an abundant amount of natural light. I would never recommend white linen chair covers, especially in a kitchen, never the less its stunning.


This country style kitchen is so pleasant and homey you can almost smell the delicious baked goods that are produced here. And yet, it’s far from frumpy but rather stylish and elegant. I think this hard to achieve, contradicting style was accomplished by a brave approach mixing country style, such as the farm sink, cabinet pulls and butcher block counter, with modern touches seen in the appliances and black marble countertop, and even some traditional elegance in the kitchen faucet and accessories. The unusual pot rack is  definitely an interesting touch which I know many would find fussy, but I really like it; it adds character. Somehow all this not only works but looks amazing.

Each of these four kitchens are different and beautiful with the common denominators being function and elegance. Which of these four kitchens do you like best? Which style are you most likely to copy?

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  1. These kitchen designs are wonderful. Though they dont look very attractive but still i want to have my kitchen designed like this.

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