Halloween! Black, White and ORANGE…EEEWWW???

If you’re a décor nut like me you probably cringe every year when Halloween comes around. The kids begin dragging out all the creepy decorations and your once beautiful home now closely resembles a haunted house-HELP! Well today, just for fun, I’ll show you how to use the dreaded Halloween colors and keep your home as mod as ever.




The color black never seems to go out of style, in both clothes and the home. This is truer today than ever before. The color black is bold and works well to help colors near it pop. Its versatility is boundless which makes it a favorite among Interior Designers. Whether used in the form of bathroom vanity or an accent wall this dramatic hue can look great.

Black Bathroom Vanity


White is a really easy color. You don’t have to be too brave or too boring to like it. Every house in the world has some white; chances are that every house has a lot of white. There are no rigid rules when it comes to decorating your home with white. My only suggestions would be to use different shades and materials to add warmth and keep your house from feeling too sterile.

multiple shades and materials create a warmth in this almost all white room



If you study the meaning of colors you will learn that orange is a fabulous color which combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It’s considered one of the “healing colors” and is known to stimulate enthusiasm and creativity. Although it is a pretty dynamic color it doesn’t contain the explosiveness of red but rather softer more benign warmth. Orange is a very visible color, which means that it catches attention easily. When incorporating orange into home decorating you have to concentrate on highlighting your most important elements of your design. You don’t want to use orange in insignificant pieces or places but rather in the most important things which you want noticed.

Even small doses of orange have a strong impact

Using Black, White and Orange:

Combing these three great colors into one room is treading on dangerous waters. But, if done correctly the effect is fabulous. I’ve always loved the look of black and white rooms with one bold color used for the accents. The trick with orange, if you want to avoid having a room screaming Halloween, is to choose the right shade. From tangerine to coral there are plenty of shades of orange which are beautiful and steer clear of the Halloween garishness.

Here are some great example of rooms which incorporated orange perfectly:







Did you even think Halloween looking at these rooms? I didn’t! Would you ever be brave enough to use black, white and orange in one room? Let me know what you think- beautiful or awful???