Ideas for Creating a Luxury Spa Retreat in Your Bathroom


What was once a tiny room hidden behind closed doors at the back of the house has now become a major focus of luxury and utility combined. Why did such an extreme transformation take place? What changed?

The answer to that is everything. Everything changed, not only us but the entire society surrounding us. Life used to be much calmer. Although tough physical labor was the norm, mentally and emotionally people had it easier. Jobs were close to home with virtually no travel. Business was straightforward and honest. Life was simpler and humanity as a general rule was more relaxed and unburdened.

Whether for the good or bad things have changed in a major way. The world is a fast paced place which we have to work hard to keep up with. Life is good in many ways and most of us would never want to trade places with our ancestors but we will all admit that we can use some quiet, alone time every once in awhile. This I believe is the reason the bathroom has become such a major part of our lives. What better way is there to unwind at the end of a long hectic day then in the privacy of your own personal “at home spa”? This is the reason so many are now spending so much time and money to create for themselves a place they look forward to coming home to.


The question many of you are having is how? How can you create this fabulous bathroom which will melt away your tension and worries giving you the time to enjoy your life, family and friends? Here is a guide to help you learn about some of the wonderful thing to include in your luxury bathroom. Everyone has their own preferences so this list covers the most popular options available.

Air/Whirlpool Combo

If your bathroom is meant for luxury and relaxation you’re most definitely considering what kind of tub to get. Aside from the typical soaker tub there are two popular options you will consider. The first is the whirlpool tub which many people refer to as a Jacuzzi. Whirlpools have concentrated jets strategically placed on the inside of the tub, through which air and water is forced, creating a vigorous, high pressure massage. An Air Tub, which is the other highly popular option, offers a gentler massage. The Air Tub has many smaller jets through which air bubbles are propelled. It’s a highly relaxing, effervescent sensation as opposed to the vigorous rejuvenating massage of the whirlpool.

Combo tubs offer the best of both worlds. When you need a deep, probing massage you can use the water jets and when you want something more soothing you can turn on the air. Or, for those really tough days, you can use both.

Mr. Steam Steam Shower

The health benefits of steam have been known for decades but the luxury of a steam shower is a relatively new concept. A steam generator allows you to make a steam room in your shower. The steam relieves stress, invigorates your skin and gives you an overall feeling of calmness. Depending on the model you have different options can be added such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy and an audio system. The most popular steam generator manufacturers are Mr. Steam and Thermasol. A steam shower is definitely a luxury but once you have it you can never live without it.

SensoWash Stark

You’re probably surprised that this is even on the list but once you hear about Duravit’s SensoWash you will understand. This new shower/toilet combo or rather toilet/bidet combo was created by renowned designer Phillipe Starck in conjunction with bathroom manufacturer Duravit. The Sensowash provides a heavenly experience of maximum comfort and luxury. Read all about it here>

Nameeks Simple Collection Set

A bathroom vanity can be found in most bathrooms, not only luxury ones. A luxury bathroom though should have a vanity with plenty of storage space to neatly store all toiletries, perfumes and colognes. If the bathroom is a shared one a double vanity is a great option. Vanities are available in every possible size, color, style and price range so choosing one that’s perfect for you can be difficult. You can receive some guidance from this article on “How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity”.

Robern Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

This may surprise you as well but nowadays luxury medicine cabinets are highly popular. The two companies most famous for these are Robern, creator of the Uplift Medicine Cabinet and Electric Mirror which has an integrated TV that becomes invisible when off.

There are many other ways to make your bathroom into a spa. The ideas here are some of the most popular. Creating you luxury bathroom is fun and exciting- enjoy the creation process and take pleasure in your luxury bathroom!


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  1. Thank you so much for the great guideline. I though once I saved up enough for the luxury bathroom I always dreamed of the rest would be easy. How wrong I was! There were so many different options I kind of got lost. This guide really helped me- thank you!

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