Kitchens Designed for Streamlined Cooking

If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodel, you’ll probably spend hours contemplating colors, materials and products. However, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important aspect of a modern well-crafted kitchen: a cook-friendly design.

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Home & Design Inspiration

Cantitoe Corners

The town of Bedford, NY is a peaceful English country village with rustic stone walls and a winding road…

Martha Stewart purchased a 153-acre property here in 2000 to fulfill her dream of making it a self-sufficient American farm.

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Corky Kitchens

To most cooks their kitchens are pretty serious places, a true reflection of their inner soul. To some however, although few and far in between, their kitchens take on an entertaining and sometimes disturbing spin. No seriousness for them! Here are some of the funniest kitchens ever!

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Celebrity Lifestyle

Living like a celebrity looks like fun! Here are pictures of some of our favorite celebrity kitchens and bathrooms. Some are pretty extreme but you can get some fabulous ideas that you can easily imitate.

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