Cantitoe Corners

The town of Bedford, NY is a peaceful English country village with rustic stone walls and a winding road…

Bedford Home

Martha Stewart purchased a 153-acre property here in 2000 with a dream of making it a self-sufficient American farm. This is a long time dream of Martha’s- to have vegetables, milk, eggs, meat fruit and everything she could need for a long time so she never has to leave. Hoping to make it her primary place of residence she gradually restored the property, making new additions and refurbishing existing buildings.

Bedford Expansive Vegetable Garden

Once called Sycamore Farms, the property was first settled in 1784 and is now known as Cantitoe Corners. (Cantitoe was the wife of an Indian chief named Katonah who lived in the region in the 1700s.) Martha’s new home is like a miniature village, with a series of houses and out-buildings crossing the expansive grounds. Martha resides in the 1925 three-story farmhouse (shown on top).

View Martha’s Bedford Kitchen:

The kitchen is almost certainly the busiest room in Martha’s Bedford home. See how she has decorated and organized her kitchen.

Bedford Farmhouse Kitchen

Martha’s kitchen in her Bedford farm is warm, decorative and well-organized. Two islands offer seating and storage. An overhead steel rack keeps pots and pans accessible but out of the way.

. Bedford Breakfast Table

Here is a where Martha has breakfast. Its a view of the islands and the ovens behinds them.

Bedford Cappuccino Counter

A frequently used part of the kitchen is the cappuccino counter; there’s the grand machine and two grinders for regular and decaffeinated beans.

Bedford Sink Area

Martha keeps a vintage juicer near the deep vegetable sink used to rinse and prep produce. She has a few paper towel holders around the room, and old enamel brackets with milk-glass shelves hold kitchenware. The windows let in sunlight, which at times is tempered by translucent shades.

The overall ambiance of the kitchen and the whole home is one of tranquility and monochromatic harmony.