A Bookshelf for Every Literary Lover

Cozy throw, a good book, and a fire in the fireplace… it’s snowy-day utopia. These gray, freezing days are a book-lover’s favorites – perfect for curling up on the couch and losing yourself in a thick paperback. Without a built-in library, it can be hard to decide where to put a bookshelf (and how to decorate it), especially if you’re short on space, but don’t despair – there’s a shelf for every reader.

If you’re a traditionalist with a bit of flair, try a typical bookshelf with a twist – paint, wallpaper, lighting, or an eyecatching shape:

Living Room by wUNDERground

Family Room by Front Studio Architects

Home Office by Christian Rice Architects, Inc.
Family Room by Candelaria Design Associates
When your book collection threatens to take over the house, it’s time to tuck a bookshelf or two in an unusual place:
Library staircase

(Grab a book on your way up to bed!)

Staircase bookshelves
Bedroom by Wolf Furniture

Image via Houzz.com
(Headboard bookshelves not recommended in earthquake-prone areas)
Staircase by Inspired Design Ltd
And if you want your bookshelf to count toward your decor, try an interesting shape or type to make a design statement (in addition to an intellectual one):
Kids by De Hasse

The “inchworm” bookshelf pictured above can also be configured in various shapes:

Dining Room by Element Studios

Create a reading nook that’s surrounded by books!

Living Room by Fabio Galeazzo

Try a minimalist floating bookshelf:

Invisible floating bookshelf

Or its upside-down cousin:

Inverted bookshelf (click for DIY instructions)

Or go all-out literary with this playful piece (can you read it?):

“Read your bookcase” bookcase
 How are you spending these dark winter days?