Profiling Vern Yip

Interior Designer Vern Yip

Currently hosting his own Show on HGTV, called Deserving Design With Vern Yip, Vern is designing his way across the America.  Having starred in NBC’s Home Intervention, TLC’s Trading Spaces and numerous HGTV shows his individual flair and style reveal his expertise in interior design and architecture.

Vern Yip and Son Gavin Joshua MaddoxVern’s design niche is his attention to detail, amid precise clean line interiors balanced with a sense of warmth. Various aspects of his creations and style demonstrate an influence from his childhood travels through Asia, Latin America, and Europe. His most recent inspiration comes from his baby boy Gavin Joshua Maddox. The new dad tells PEOPLE his work is “more efficient” since Gavin joined the family. Says Vern, “I think the quality of my work has actually improved” his desire to provide for Gavin is a source of motivation and he is “1000 percent more driven … I really want to make sure I’m making the right decisions and I’m able to take care of this kid.”

Vern calls himself a classic over achiever and all of the awards he has proves it. The list is quite extensive including the 2003 Distinguished Southerner Award, Southern Living Magazine.

Below are some of Vern’s beautifully artistic creations featured on HGTV.

Vern Yip Living Room Design HGTV
Vern highlights the fireplace, the focal point of the room, perfectly with a multi-paneled mirror above the mantel, successfully elongating the room. The rich accents colors he incorporated with the accessories and art highlight the natural colored furniture and walls beautifully and soft candle light gives an overall romantic radiance.

Baby Boy Nursery Design HGTV
This beautiful baby boy’s nursery is warm, alluring, cozy and most importantly a design that will last for years to come. The blue and brown color scheme is so classic and dreamy. Coupled with the rich furniture it lends an ambiance of content serenity. Accessories such as the hot-air balloons hung from the ceiling and the welcome sign give the room unique character and make it personal and special.

Vern Yip Design Disney Cruise Line
Vern’s first real professional design job was the headquarters for Disney Cruise Line in Celebration, Florida.  Striking cobalt blue materials and walls combined with a mix of natural and dark colored wood give off an aura of complete professional sophistication while creating an attractive work environment.

Vern Yip Black Bedroom HGTV
Vern’s intimate and dramatic black bedroom makeover is enchanting and mysterious. Oversized lamps, lots of candlelight and mirrored metal art above the headboard effectively bring some light into the shadowy room. The natural wood bed and bright throw pillows are a great contrast for the dark room keeping it mystifyingly appealing and not sinister.

Deserving Design With Vern Yip

Recognized on the street, in home improvement centers and in public venues across America, and known as Design Star’s most quotable and popular judge, Vern’s award-winning work continuously shines through with his distinct flair.


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