Decorating With Mirrors

Mirror interior Decorating

Mirrors have always been a favorite enhancement accessory for decorators. The reason for this is that mirrors by design add natural depth and light to any room. There are no rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors. They can be moved around and placed at random or utilized in emphasizing a specific area, piece of art or color.

Bedroom-mirror Decorating

Mirrors are often used as a piece of standalone art. A well positioned, beautiful mirror can become the focal point of a room. Place a mirror in any too small space or room that is lacking natural light and it will make a dramatic statement, visually expanding it and providing luminosity.

Gear Tilt Mirror

Especially popular by Interior designers are gear tilt mirrors. These chic, beveled-edged mirrors sit on tilt mounting brackets which allows them to tilt slightly upward and downward. Besides for looking elegant the gear tilt is optimum for better capture of light, in order to maximize the full potential of a room.

Carefully selected, well-placed mirrors can aesthetically enhance an interior. Maximize your homes potential with a stylish gear tilt mirror.


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  1. The circle mirror behind the couch is a nice idea. I’ll keep it in mind if I redo my sitting room.

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