Color of the Month: Decorating with Seafoam

Have you been spending a lot of time at the beach this summer? For many people, the beach is their #1 place to be. The sun, the sand, and the beautiful surf – there’s nothing like it for relaxation and summer fun.

So it’s no wonder that seafoam green is such a popular color for spas and spa-like rooms. It’s soothing and soft, ideal for bedrooms and any other tranquil zones throughout the house. Its versatility allows it to shine as an accent or as a whole-room color; it pairs well with neutrals, natural materials, other pastels, and brighter colors. In other words, it’s the Swiss Army knife of colors!

If you love turquoise or even teal but prefer an oasis/Zen feel over strong shades in your home, seafoam is the perfect toned-down blue-green hue. Check out these pictures for examples of spot-on seafoam and feel yourself relax.

Every bedroom should be a calm place. Seafoam is an excellent choice for adults’ and kids’ rooms alike.

Incorporate seafoam for a spa feel in your own home bathroom.
Want a peaceful living area? Consider it done:
It even works in kitchens and dining rooms. Is there anything that this color can’t do?
So even if your seafoam doesn’t pick up on a spectacular view…
… at least you can get some of that seaside feel year-round.

Tell us: what color would you love to see next month?