Premium Combo Massage Baths Blend Relaxing Bubbles and Therapeutic Massag

american-standard-ellisse-premium-combo-massage-systemAmerican Standard’s new collection of Premium Combo Massage Baths blends relaxing bubbles and therapeutic massage for the ultimate home spa experience.

Combining the Acumassage whirlpool system, exclusive Smooth Air™ massage and soothing Chromatherapy lighting, Premium Combo Massage baths provide a completely customizable soak. The Acumassage whirlpool system includes Acumax™ acumassage body jets and Acumotion™ rotary acumassage jets, both designed to deliver focused jet streams targeting problem areas and releasing energy flows within the body. The Smooth Air massage system’s full bubble immersion envelops the bather via perfectly smooth air jets placed throughout the tub floor. In addition, two Chromatherapy LED lights flood the bath with color to soothe the mind as well as the body.

American Standard Green Tea Premium Combo Massage System

american-standard-green-tea-premium-combo-massage-system1 american-standard-green-tea-premium-combo-massage-system2

Each Premium Combo Massage Bath includes dual backlit control panels allowing the bather to easily select whirlpool, air massage or a combination of both, as well as adjust from a gentle to an invigorating air massage, or switch to the relaxing wave function. An effortless maintenance routine is made possible by American Standard’s exclusive EverClean® System, which incorporates an antimicrobial silver ion additive right into the circulation piping to protect the pipes from mold, mildew, algae and fungus that could american-standard-town-square-premium-combo-massage-system1cause deterioration or staining of the pipes. The bath’s self-draining air lines flush after each use, and the air system purges either automatically or according to a daily timer. Finally, for the ultimate peace of mind, all American Standard Combo Massage Premium Baths are accompanied by a lifetime limited warranty with free in-home service.

Premium Combo Massage Bath styles include Asian-inspired Green Tea, traditionally detailed Town Square and classic Ellisse Oval. For more information about American Standard Combo Massage Baths visit American Standard Air-Whirlpool Combo
To browse our extensive line of American Standard products for all your home needs visits Products By American Standard.


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