Undercover Entertainment: the Hidden TV

As much as we all love to kick back on the couch with our favorite show (binge-watchers, no judging!), figuring out proper placement for your TV can be complicated. It has to be visible from your comfiest perch, close to an outlet and other related necessities, and… it often looks so awful, a black rectangle messing with your decor.

Luckily, camouflaging a TV is easier than ever! There’s sure to be a way to stop yours from being an eyesore. Here’s how to master the hidden TV:

Cabinetry or discreet panels – the easiest solution, but not always the most subtle.


Living Room by DiGiacomo Homes & Renovation
Photo credit: Marcel Page Photography
Dining Room by Ben Herzog
On the back of a door – with the swing-out coolness factor built right in!
Living Room by Tom Stringer Design Partners
Living Room by Tom Stringer Design Partners
Behind art or other clever disguises; call attention to it without calling attention to it.
Living Room by ABC Real Estate Costa Rica
Living Room by Elements Interiors
Living Room by Thorp Design
In furniture: with a pop-up TV, you can park one virtually anywhere and nobody will be the wiser!
Bedroom by Deep River Partners
Bedroom by Zorzi


Living Room by Sam Crawford Architects
Eago Freestanding Air Tub with TV Screen

In the ceiling: no wall space? No problem. Let your TV drop down from overhead. (Just remember to close it before you bump your head on it!)

Bedroom by Studio M
Incognito: if you really want your TV to disappear, try one of these awesome TV mirrors. They have TVs built right into the unit – and when the TV is off, it’s a totally standard mirror! It’s available in all shapes and sizes – 88″ screens, round mirrors, medicine cabinets. How’s that for futuristic?
MB Quart Surface-Mount TV Mirror
Electric Mirror Stanford 79″ Mirror TV
Electric Mirror Seamless Mirrored Cabinet with Spectrum Technology TV
Electric Mirror Loft Mirror TV with V-Mirror Technology
Robern MT Series Flat Door Mirrored Cabinet with TViD

Where do you hide your TV?