DuraVit Contemporary Bathroom Vanities


Celebrating almost 200 years of bathroom history Duravit has grown from a small earthenware factory into a global organization that produces bath and spa products for dream bathrooms.
Duravit creates some of the world’s most contemporary and attractive vanities. Modern designers love their products for their minimalist style and ultra functionality.

Stark 1 Barrel VanityThe Stark 1 Barrel shaped bathroom vanity is constructed from a warm wood veneer and offers plenty of storage space for towels and toiletries. The circular shape is simple yet intriguing and the smooth wood gives a calm, clean feeling.

Duravit Happy D Wall Bathroom VanityD is for Design in the Happy D Bathroom vanity. Created by Sieger Design it’s programmatic and promising at the same time. Designed in the shape of the letter D it’s a real lucky strike when it comes to form, function and affordability. Ideal for the modern bathroom!

DuraVit PuraVida Bathroom VanityThe new  PuraVida bathroom vanity is all the hype when it comes to contemporary design. Sleek lines and curves and a glossy, spotless veneer make this vanity lush and striking.

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