Air Tub Decorating: How to Decorate Around your Air Tub

Many air tubs are already works of art themselves. The manufacturers of airtubs like Toto, Maax, Aquatic, Porcher, and MTI have all put considerable effort into creating air tubs that are fashionable and comfortable. But, sometimes you want to spruce up the environment around your air tub, and here are some options.

Candle Light: First things first. Be careful not to drop any hot wax into your airtub. It could clog the drains or stain the finish. So, when setting candles around your airtub, like the Toto Neorest, be sure to use candle holders, preferably larger than the candle itself. You want enough clearance to be sure that if it does fall over, that the wax will be trapped in the holder.

Plants: Vines and other hanging plants like philodendrons look fabulous suspended over the water. They evoke a feeling of nature, as you bask in the swirling jets of a Porcher or Maax air tub. Hang them from hooks in the ceiling directly above the tub, and then train the vines to reach to your windows or picture frames.

Rugs: The average bathmat is ok for regular air tub models. But, if you want to bring attention to the beauty of your free-standing air tub, like the Oceania Boreal, surround it with colorful rugs. This model can sit in the middle of your bathroom, and be framed with various colored rugs that fit your walls and other fixtures. MTI also offers many designer free-standing tubs like the Hampton or Antiqua.

Of course, themes are always a good idea when decorating your bathroom. Consider an ocean theme, farm theme, or even a cartoon theme. Most of all, you want the space around your air tub to be as relaxing and comforting as the water you are immersed in.