What Size Whirlpool Should I Purchase?

Bigger is better when it comes to whirlpools. But, we may not always have enough room to house a large Aquatic or Jacuzzi whirpool. Or, perhaps you do just want a small one so you don’t waste a lot of water. Manufacturers like Maaz, MTI, and Porcher, as well as Aquatic and Jacuzzi all produce whirlpools that will fit your space and budget. Here is an overview of some of the basic models and luxury models offered by major manufacturers.

Corner whirlpools: There are many corner whirlpools available from Maax and Jacuzzi. For example, the Jacuzzi Bellavista Corner Whirlpool Bath fits snugly, and fashionably, in the corner of the bathroom and operates on 80 gallons of water. Two adults can fit comfortably in this tub. For a slightly less expensive option, consider the Maax Flirt Hydromax. This takes up less space, and operates on less water, while still providing enough room for side-by-side bathing.

Traditional Models: Neptune offers a large and luxurious model called the Ariane. This model is larger and uses more water than most whirlpools, and has ergonomic designs that allow two adults to bath in lavish comfort. If you would like a tub suited for one, the Porcher Calla Acrylic takes up minimal space and uses 60 gallons of water, while still giving ergonomic comfort and sporting six jets.
When deciding on which whirlpool tub to purchase take the future into consideration as well. Some models are easier to remove and take with you, while others will be permanent fixtures in your home.