Top Five Reasons Your Kitchen Sink is Always Full of Dishes

Sometimes it seems like your dishes spend more time in the kitchen sink than they do the cupboard. You’ll spend an hour scrubbing and soaking, only to see a new pile of plates and bowls appear before your hands are even dry. It doesn’t matter if you have a fancy Blanco Sink, a Rohl Sink, or some old kitchen sinks from the dump, these plates and bowls appear of out nowhere! So, where do all these dishes come from? Well, we thought we’d speculate on this mystery, and here are our five top reasons your kitchen sink are always full of dishes.

Reason Five – It’s Summer: If its sunny and warm you’re obviously spending more time outside, where you can ignore the rising tower of dishware in the kitchen. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Just cook a few burgers on the grill and use some disposable plates.

Reason Four – Eating Out: There’s no better escape from a Rohl Sink full of dishware, than a night at the local pizza joint. Order a large pie, fill up on some breadsticks, and let the server worry about the clean-up.

Reason Three – No Dishwasher: Wouldn’t it be nice to empty that Blanco sink by sliding all the plates and bowls into a handy-dandy dishwasher? Of course it would. If you could only afford one. However, even people that own dishwashers, sometimes let their sinks get out of control as well.

Reason Two – Young Children:  Isn’t one of the best things about children is divvying up the chores when their old enough? Well, if the kids are still at the age of sippy-cups and diapers, then you’re not only stuck with extra dishes to clean, you can’t count on them to help with the chores yet.

Reason One – Air Fresheners: We can make all the excuses in the book for why the dishes aren’t done. “My favorite television program was on,”  or “I had to work late.” But really, it all comes down to air fresheners. No matter how high that tower of stinking plates is, we can always mask the smell with a good shot of air freshener, and the dishes can wait until tomorrow.