Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

When first launched, we were dedicated to bringing you the best of luxury bathroom furnishings, accessories and lighting at an affordable price. After years of success and by popular demand, we eventually welcomed kitchen sinks and faucets and other kitchen accessories into our inventory, bringing you the same excellent customer service and exclusive deals that you’ve come to expect for all of your bathroom decorating and renovation needs. Now, we’re expanding again—this time into the dining room!

Introducing: luxury dining room tables and chairs on sale at

scrolled metal dining table1  Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

Ambella Home scrolled metal dining table

We’re carrying on our tradition of providing unparalleled customer service and unbeatable prices on the finest in home furnishing and décor. With the bathroom, kitchen and now, the dining room covered, you’re one step closer to getting all of your premium brand name furniture from your favorite online retailer.

96 cardinal1  Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

Ambella Home Cardinal Dining Table

Our expansion into dining room tables and dining room chairs has been a longtime coming, but we wanted to get it right. After serving one of the most discerning clientele on the web, we anticipated that our customers would have high expectations when it came to our dining room catalog. So we took our time planning which collections to carry and which brand names to work with, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased.

Ambella Home sink chest  Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

Ambella Home sink chest

The first line of dining room tables and chairs that we’re offering is from Ambella Home Collection. We chose to carry Ambella’s fine dining room chairs and tables because this company embodies the premium quality and handcrafted elegance that will set the tone for the rest of our dining room collection. Ambella. Ambella first caught our eye with their innovative “sink chest”—a traditional wooden chest that houses a kitchen sink and faucet. Ambella was the first company to design such an elegant marriage between traditional craftsmanship and pragmatic utility, and that’s what we liked about them. So, when we began looking for a luxury brand name for our designer dining room furniture line, Ambella was an obvious choice.

Ambella Home Solarium Dining Chair  Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

Ambella Home Solarium Dining Chair

Ambella was founded in 1995 by George Moussa. As the son of an importer, Mr. Moussa began harboring a passion for distinguished craftwork from world class artisans at an early age. This passion permeates the entire Ambella collection—from selecting the best raw materials to ensuring quality construction and inspired design, Ambella excels with its refined taste and fastidious attention to detail.

You can see the handsome beauty and presence that the principled approach at Ambella yields for yourself by browsing through our collection of Ambella dining room tables and chairs. Pictured here is one of our favorites: the Ambella Home Collection Castillian Dining Table. It’s a solid oak dining table with a hand carved border around the top, with an evocative twisted double pedestal base and a rich mahogany finish. Measuring up at 120-inches wide and 44-inches deep, this is the quintessential dining room table for an exquisite dinner party. The Castillian Dining Table is pictured here with the Ambella Home Florence dining room chair with 408 fabric.

Ambella Home Castilian Dining table  Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

Ambella Home Castillian Dining table

We ship all of our Ambella Home Collection dining room furniture with complimentary “white glove” service. We do this to ensure a smooth delivery so that the piece arrives at your home in pristine condition.

Take a moment to browse through our full dining room table and chairs collection and stay tuned for more great furniture for your dining room from the world’s best luxury brands.

Ambella Home Aspen Rectangular Dining Table1  Introducing: Dining Room Tables and Chairs For Sale

Ambella Home Aspen Rectangular Dining Table

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