2 New D’Vontz Natural Stone Pedestals

Figuring out what style bathroom vanity to use in your bathroom can be a daunting task. We hear all the time customers who need help with “making their bathroom unique” or “artistic” or “a place that people will envy”.

D’Vontz has added 2 new bathroom pedestal sinks that will be an easy selection for those of you who are constantly searching for the latest trends.

The D’Vonts Stone Coda Pedestal Sink

A truly distinct sculpture, the Coda pedestal is hand sculpted from a single block of marble.

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Seamlessly combines  straight edges with curved form to bring an artistic dimension to your bathroom that is completely unparalleled.

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The D’Vonts Stone Elica Pedestal Sink

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Constantly in visual motion, Elica will never leave you wondering how a single, solid piece of marble could ever be so graceful and fluid. This freestanding pedestal is hand carved from one block of stone and it simply redefines elegance and beauty.

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