Quality Bath’s Rockin’ Company Holiday Party!

Best part of the holiday season? The truly awesome parties (not the ones that you’re silently screaming on the inside for the entire time) – and Quality Bath knows how to throw a company holiday party like nobody else!

So to share the joy, we’re giving you a peek into the exclusive QB holiday party (spoiler: you’re going to want to come work for us!).

Every Quality Bath staffer and his or her +1 was lucky enough to be invited into the home of the man behind the company, Mordy Lercher, to enjoy an evening of appreciation and morale-boosting togetherness. We partook of a full upscale catered dinner with a side of camaraderie with our coworkers (and yes, we really do get along well in real life).

As if the ambiance, food, and comfortable atmosphere weren’t enough, we also participated in raffles throughout the night, with the lucky winners walking away with gift cards loaded with holiday relief (ranging from $100 to a whopping $1,000!).


And to top it all off, we spent the evening alternating between hilarity and amazement thanks to funnyman and magician Seth Dale, one of NYC’s top 10 magicians, who kept us in stitches and astonishment with his up-close-and-personal, entertaining, how-did-he-do-that tricks.


Wish you’d been there? We’ll show you the pics so you can get in on the experience (and start planning your next company party with ideas from ours!).



The 5-star holiday party last night showed us employees that our work in giving customers a phenomenal experience is truly appreciated and encourages us to keep striving higher!!

– Jack Shain, Sales Associate


Stunning decor, great food, fun entertainment… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

– B. Nussbaum, Developer


The Quality Bath corporate holiday party was like a perfect shower.

The perfect temperature.

The perfect pressure.

The perfect lighting.

The perfect feel.

It’s the details that makes all the difference. The attention to detail which was thought of, made us, the Quality Bath Family, feel special and appreciated.

– Jay Schwartz, Sales Associate


Spending time with Mordy and the QB crew in a non-business setting reminded me once again why I am so fortunate to work for this company.

– Josh Fischl, Sales Associate

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and enjoyable. QB is more of a family than a company.

– Shimmy Blum, Content Writer

Now don’t you wish you worked with us?

(As a consolation prize, you can head over to Quality Bath to check out our New Year’s savings! Now’s the time, before the manufacturers raise their prices for the new year!)