The Beauty of Nature

There is nothing as beautiful as nature itself. Incorporate this innate exquisiteness into your home with a lovely bathroom vanity by Native Trails.

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Native Trails Bordeaux Wall Mount Vanity
Bordeaux Wall Mount Vanity

Reclaimed oak wine barrel was disassembled and modified before being re-purposed as a bath vanity. The Bordeaux vanity is finished with multiple custom-blended waxes, hand-rubbed into the oak.

Native Trails Sumatra Vanity
Sumatra Vanity

The Sumatra Vanity is handcrafted from solid, sustainable bamboo with an integral top, and a flush soft-close drawer. The warm tones of the bamboo and clean lines make this contemporary and sustainable piece perfect for your eco-conscious design.

Native Trails Cuzco Wall Mount Vanity
Cuzco Wall Mount Vanity

A sleek, wall mounted take on the original freestanding Cuzco vanity. This vanity is made from hand forged wrought iron and hand hammered recycled copper.

Native Trails Cabernet Vanity
Cabernet Vanity

The Cabernet vanity is a part of the Vintner’s Collection. It is made from wine-stained oaking staves used to flavor wine during the fermenting process. The finish is a result of the oak staves soaking in red wine for years, infusing tannins and aroma while absorbing the color of the grapes.
The Cabernet finish is enhanced by hand waxing to bring out the color and protect the wood.

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4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Nature”

  1. the cabernet vanity is great cuz its beautiful + has good storage! I’m really enjoying mine (purchased 2 months ago)

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