The Royal Wedding

The Royal Couple- Kate Middleton and Prince William
The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

I know all you decor lovers are just craving some pictures of the set-up at The Royal Wedding which took place this morning. Well, not many are available yet but we did get you a sneak peak of Westminster Abbey yesterday, in midst of the preparation stages for the much anticipated wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey where the big event will take place. The famous church is steeped in over 1000 years of history.

Royal Wedding Coverage

Yesterday four tons of foliage, including eight 20ft trees were delivered to the Abbey. The theme of the wedding was a lavish English country garden.

Grand Venue- Royal wedding

Here you can see the Grand Venue, flanked on either side by 20ft English Field Maple trees. The planters were personally designed and set up by Shane Connolly the Royal Wedding Florist.

Alter at Royal Wedding

The alter is bedecked in all white and cream flowers. The arrangements feature a variety of British flowers including azaleas, lilac, wisteria, beech, euphorbias, rhododendron and even Chinese gooseberry. Much of the greenery came straight from the royal estates.

Royal Wedding Musicians

Here are the Royal Musicians practicing intently.

Royal Wedding Cake

The wedding cake was created by Fiona Cairns, using the Joseph Lambert technique.

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  1. Wow! Amazing wedding! That cake is HUGE, and what a great time of year for flowers!

  2. Her second dress was even more glamorous- I loved the simplicity of it.

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