The ICMC at Brandenburg Technical University- One of the Most Architecturally Brilliant Designs

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ICMC at Brandenburg Technical University Exterior

The exquisiteness of this beauty is found in the remarkable texture of the exterior. Unlike most modern day architects, who prefer a smooth facade, Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron specialize in texture. The ICMC, found  in East Germany is used as a university library- quite a technologically advanced one!  The outer walls of the unusually shaped, 7 story building are made of frosted glass embossed with letters from the alphabets of the world. The interior walls are painted an electrifying, vivid magenta and lime green. All seven floors are connected by a spiral, multi colored staircase. The brilliantly designed building is the outcome of an effort to combine the school’s library, computer center, data processing unit and multi-media center.

Interior View

ICMC at Brandenburg Technical University Interior

Spiral Staircase at the ICMC at Brandenburg Technical University

ICMC Library

Inside the ICMC at Brandenburg Technical University

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