The 15 Most Beautiful Celebrity Kitchens

I can’t really imagine that any of these stars are cooking their own meals- but they sure know how to decorate their kitchens! check out them out…

Celebrity Kitchens
Angelina Jolie Kitchen
Angelina Jolie

Above is Angelina Jolie’s kitchen in her France apartment.

Bret Saberhagen Kitchen
Bret Saberhagen

Bret’s home in Calabases, CA is now listed for 2,699,000.

Iron Chef Michael Symon Kichen
Iron Chef Michael Symon

Here is Iron Chef Michael Symon’s new place to cook in Venice, CA.

Jenny Craig Kitchen
Jenny Craig

This is where “Diet Guru” Jenny Craig plans her meals.

Jesse James Kichen
Jesse James Kichen

Jesse James Mediterranean style kitchen is beautiful, but not what what you would expect from the motorcycle maven.

Julianne Moore Kitchen
Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore’s beautiful, rustic kitchen defies its New York surroundings.

Kevin Jonas Kitchen
Kevin Jonas

It’s interesting to see how a young celebrity expresses himself in his own environment. Kevin Jonas did a great job in his Westlake, TX home.

Taylor Swift Kitchen
Taylor Swift

Taylor’s kitchen looks sleek & contemporary and slightly boring for a home that will have a moat and life-size bird cage.

Kyle Boller and Carrie Prejean
Kyle Boller and Carrie Prejean

The Miss USA runner-up decorated her kitchen in an interesting mix of classic-contemporary.

Lady Gaga Kitchen
Lady Gaga

I really cannot fathomĀ  Lady GaGa in this simple, country kitchen. But apparently this is where she cooks.

Lance Armstrong Kichen
Lance Armstrong

I think this is a great, masculine kitchen for a guy like Lance.

Linsay Lohan Kitchen
Linsay Lohan

Its unfortunate that Lindsay can’t spend time in the gorgeous kitchen. Check out the breath-taking skyline.

Meg Ryan Kitchen
Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan’s kitchen is gorgeous and classic- just like her.

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger Kitchen
Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

Dee’s fabulously elegant style is apparent in her kitchen.

Tracy Morgan Kitchen
Tracy Morgan

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