Today is March 21st- time to celebrate the first day of spring!

Summer_Sunshine- First Day Of Spring

You know what that means, Summer is finally on its way!!!

Unless you are from somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere you’re starting to feel the first hints of sunshine right about now. I look forward to spring all year- not only cause it means Summer is coming but because its soooo beautiful. Its so easy to be happy in the spring. Its a beautiful time, full of flowers, fresh air and open windows.

I try to fill my home with things that remind me of flowers and gorgeous weather so that I can have a bit of that summer sunshine in my life the whole year. I know its a little to late to share them with you- but hey, its never to early to start preparing for next year. And you’ll enjoy these great finds all year long.

My Summer Collection:
Italbrass TanteAnte Vanity
TanteAnte Vanity

My TanteAnte Butterfly vanity is at the top of my list of best investments ever! We had to save for a while for this one but it was worth every penny. We installed it in our master bathroom so every morning I wake up and think of Summer butterflies- I think that’s the best way possible to start the day.

Arteriors Kimmel Carribean Blue Glass Lamp
Kimmel Carribean Blue Glass Lamp

The Kimmel Carribean lamp by Arteriors is true to its name. The clear blue stem brings back memories of our honeymoon in the Bahamas. The clear blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean is like a postcard and exactly the color of this lamp. We have two of them on both our night tables- it’s a pretty splash of color in our otherwise neutral room.

WS Bath Collection Wooden Washstand with Hand Painted Top
Blue Washstand with Hand Painted Top

My husband found this online and insisted we put it in our sons bathroom (I think he wishes he could have had this as a kid). I thought it was hideous at first but I must admit I was totally wrong. It looks amazing in the (really) small bathroom. It’s so bright and sunny and happy!

Hickory Hardware English Cozy Knob With Yellow Flower
English Cozy Knob With Yellow Flower

I don’t actually have this knob in my home but I would love to. It’s the kind of thing that reminds me of good times and makes me smile. It doesn’t really match my decor but I’m working on finding a place to make it fit. We hope to redo our guest room this Summer so maybe I’ll do the bathroom all white and use these knobs as a cheerful accent.

Aquabrass Flower Widespread Faucet
Flower Faucet

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this flower faucet. We get a million compliments on it! It’s so unique, I have never seen anything else quite like it. It’s a combination of a vase and a faucet- real brilliance. The greatest thing about it, for someone like me who loves to decorate, is that I can change the flowers anytime and give the powder room an easy, economical make over.

Enjoy the 1st day of Spring!


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  1. That flower faucet is soooo cool!!!! And i’m so excited that spring is finally here!!

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